Week One: Whytecliff Park

Welcome to week one of my 20 week Life in Monochrome project. We all see the world through different eyes, different beliefs, and with different opinions which is why the world is such a colourful place. I too see colour everywhere I go, but to me, true beauty shines through when we strip the colour and just look at the world in simple black and white. That is the inspiration for this project.

Please comment and offer feedback at any point!

20140308-_MG_3946 20140308-_MG_3947 20140308-_MG_3948 20140308-_MG_3952 20140308-_MG_3955 20140308-_MG_3956 20140308-_MG_3957 20140308-_MG_3959 20140308-_MG_3962 20140308-_MG_3967 20140308-_MG_3970 20140308-_MG_3971 20140308-_MG_3981 20140308-_MG_3983 20140308-_MG_3986 20140308-_MG_3987 20140308-_MG_3995 20140308-_MG_3998 20140308-_MG_4000 20140308-_MG_4002 20140308-_MG_4007-Edit 20140308-_MG_4018 20140308-_MG_4025 20140308-_MG_4028 20140308-_MG_4036



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