Week Five: EMP Museum

Last week I was on vacation and enjoying my daughters company during Spring Break. We did a lot of mini outings and created some new memories. This place has definitely made it up there on my list of favourite places and if you are ever in Seattle you need to visit the EMP Museum. It’s located right beside the Space Needle and it’s hard to miss due to its very unique architecture.

The museum brought together three of my favourite things…sci-fi, horror and grunge. And as an added bonus I was lucky enough to enjoy it with my favourite little lady. I wish it could be Spring Break all the time.

20140324-_MG_5020 20140324-_MG_5024 20140324-_MG_5043 20140324-_MG_5048 20140324-_MG_5053 20140324-_MG_5056 20140324-_MG_5070 20140324-_MG_5074 20140324-_MG_5075 20140324-_MG_5076 20140324-_MG_5080 20140324-_MG_5082 20140324-_MG_5086 20140324-_MG_5088 20140324-_MG_5090 20140324-_MG_5091 20140324-_MG_5094 20140324-_MG_5103 20140324-_MG_5113 20140324-_MG_5123 20140324-_MG_5125 20140324-_MG_5126 20140324-_MG_5135 20140324-_MG_5136 20140324-_MG_5140 20140324-_MG_5143 20140324-_MG_5146 20140324-_MG_5152 20140324-_MG_5153 20140324-_MG_5156 20140324-_MG_5161 20140324-_MG_5162 20140324-_MG_5174 20140324-_MG_5175 20140324-_MG_5181 20140324-_MG_5185 20140324-_MG_5186 20140324-_MG_5191 20140324-_MG_5194-Edit


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