Week Six: Happily ever after

I have been  thinking and planning this post since I started this project but I think I had to build up the courage to talk about this story as it’s one I tend to push away.

Recently I turned yet another year older and was reflecting on the last 10 years of my life, 10 years which have included an amazing daughter, some wonderful memories with friends and family, some amazing strides in my career, and some real and positive changes in how I look at life.

However, when I look back to 10 years ago, I also remember that I was still married and that my world was going to be turned upside down. 20140413-IMG_0004

I knew when I was younger that I wanted to fall in love and have the happily ever after and when I met my ex-husband, that is what I thought I had.
We both had very similar family backgrounds, we worked at the same place, and became friends and then we were in love and planning our life together. It seemed like it was the right path and that I was on the road to my happily ever after. However, after a few years of marriage and a baby on the way, everything changed and I had to make a new future for myself and my daughter. Was it painful, yep. Was I bitter, absolutely. But did it make me a better person? I’d like to think so.

This weekend I took a trip back to where I hold many memories of my previous life and to where I was married. I still have wonderful memories, and even though later events led to my divorce these places will hold a special place in my heart.

Locations: Harrison, Harrison Mills, and Agassiz ,BC

20140412-_MG_5242-Edit 20140412-_MG_5248 20140412-_MG_5249 20140412-_MG_5250 20140412-_MG_526120140412-_MG_526020140412-_MG_525920140412-_MG_525520140412-_MG_525320140412-_MG_525220140412-_MG_525820140412-_MG_5254 20140412-_MG_524020140412-_MG_523720140412-_MG_522620140412-_MG_5230



  1. You are courageous! Your pictures of these special places bring tears to my eyes as well and like you, all the happy memories that go with them.


    1. Thanks Roxanne. I am in a good place in my life and can reflect of the past with a different lens so to speak. I have a lot of fond memories of your family and that part of my life has shaped who I am today.


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