Week Seven: Geek heaven

Wow! What pure eye candy at Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 yesterday! I am happy to admit that I do have my inner geek, and attending Fan Expo was just pure heaven to me. Comics, costumes, celebrities…oh my! Please check out Stephanie Merinuk Photography for some colour shots as well. I will definitely go back again next year.

20140419-_MG_5402 20140419-_MG_5407 20140419-_MG_5408 20140419-_MG_5412 20140419-_MG_5417 20140419-_MG_5428 20140419-_MG_5431 20140419-_MG_5442 20140419-_MG_5447 20140419-_MG_5451 20140419-_MG_5459 20140419-_MG_5460 20140419-_MG_5463 20140419-_MG_5471 20140419-_MG_5474 20140419-_MG_5475 20140419-_MG_5477 20140419-_MG_5478 20140419-_MG_5480 20140419-_MG_5484 20140419-_MG_5485


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