Week Eight: Steveston

I had planned another location for my post this week, but due to some minor errors and technical difficulties I had to regroup and find a new destination so I headed to one of my favourite places, Steveston, BC.

The drive along Dyke Road to Steveston was one I had driven so many times as a teenager and as an adult  and when I stopped to park I remembered it all. I used to park on that road often took when I was sad or upset or just needed to get away from it all. But then arriving in Steveston, and seeing the hustle and bustle of young families, and tourists, I was immediately content.

I used to bring my daughter to the fantastic playground all the time when she was very young. We would spend hours in Steveston playing at the park, grabbing fish and chips at Pajo’s or getting ice cream.

Steveston is somewhere I know and love which I feel is definitely reflected in this set of pictures.

20140426-_MG_5489 20140426-_MG_5492 20140426-_MG_5499 20140426-_MG_5500 20140426-_MG_5502 20140426-_MG_5504 20140426-_MG_5506 20140426-_MG_5513 20140426-_MG_5514 20140426-_MG_5518 20140426-_MG_5520 20140426-_MG_5526 20140426-_MG_5532 20140426-_MG_5535 20140426-_MG_5539 20140426-_MG_5545 20140426-_MG_5548 20140426-_MG_5555 20140426-_MG_5557 20140426-_MG_5562 20140426-_MG_5563 20140426-_MG_5566 20140426-_MG_5572 20140426-_MG_5575 20140426-_MG_5581 20140426-_MG_5583 20140426-_MG_5591 20140426-_MG_5592 20140426-_MG_5593 20140426-_MG_5595




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