Week Eleven – Mayne Island

Mayne Island always inspires me to take great pictures and has been a place of solace for me over the years. My parents have owned their house on Mayne for over 20 years and I can say that I actually helped build that home with my own hands. Every May long weekend we head out there to enjoy time with our family and extended family. Out of the hundreds of pictures I managed to narrow my choices to a key few.

20140517-_MG_5703 20140517-_MG_5716 20140517-_MG_5782 20140517-_MG_5799-Edit 20140517-_MG_5802 20140517-_MG_5807 20140517-_MG_5814 20140517-_MG_5815-Edit 20140517-_MG_5817-Edit 20140517-_MG_5823-Edit 20140517-_MG_5826-Edit 20140517-_MG_5827-Edit - Copy 20140518-_MG_5947-Edit 20140518-_MG_5957 20140518-_MG_5958 20140518-_MG_6000 20140518-_MG_6008 20140518-_MG_5833 20140518-_MG_5835 20140518-_MG_5845 20140518-_MG_5849-Edit 20140518-_MG_5852 20140518-_MG_5863-Edit 20140518-_MG_5870-Edit 20140518-_MG_5910-Edit 20140518-_MG_5924 20140518-_MG_5928-Edit 20140518-_MG_5940 20140518-_MG_5942 20140518-_MG_6129-Edit 20140518-_MG_6029 20140518-_MG_6031 20140518-_MG_6043 20140518-_MG_6073 20140518-_MG_6076 20140518-_MG_6103



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