Week Twelve – ChildRun 2014

This is the 4th year that we have registered and participated in the ChildRun to support the BC Children’s Hospital. It’s our way of saying thank you and giving back. I always think that we are all so lucky to have such a wonderful place for our children to go and get the necessary care. As far as hospitals go, this place is not scary, the staff are amazing and I never have any worries about bringing my daughter there. So, we happily raise money and go out and enjoy the fun at the ChildRun!

20140601-_MG_6236 20140601-_MG_6240 20140601-_MG_6242 20140601-_MG_6253 20140601-_MG_6259 20140601-_MG_6254 20140601-_MG_6260 20140601-_MG_6263 20140601-_MG_6267 20140601-_MG_6269 20140601-_MG_6270 20140601-_MG_6272 20140601-_MG_6275 20140601-_MG_6279 20140601-_MG_6280 20140601-_MG_6295 20140601-_MG_6305 20140601-_MG_6328 20140601-_MG_6316 20140601-_MG_6326 20140601-_MG_633820140601-_MG_6367 20140601-_MG_6356 20140601-_MG_6378 20140601-_MG_6399 20140601-_MG_640320140601-_MG_6301


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