Week Fourteen – Ecole Secondaire Hugh McRoberts

After the past few weeks of all the great moments of the present and past I need not forget about the other side of the coin. I haven’t revisited anywhere that stirs up negative memories in weeks but felt it was time.

I have to admit, I have actually driven past this school many times since I started the project but wasn’t in the right place to stop and take in the memories that came with this visit.

Like most people I had rebelled and done things in my teenage years because I was searching for myself and testing boundaries and defying authority. My time at this school was brief and filled with emotional ups and downs and most likely many sleepless nights for my parents. I was a hormonal mess because I was going through puberty and I was in full rebellion against school and against myself.

I take full accountability for the horrible things I did while at this school, I apologize to my parents for what they must have gone through, and I can honestly say that the events that took place while I attended McRoberts Secondary were a turning point for me.

I am lucky to say that I chose a better path and got on the “straight and narrow” after I left this school but I am still haunted by the knowledge that my classmate, who was also going through the same rebellion that I was, unfortunately chose the other path. I wonder where she ended up, and I think about how my life would have ended up had I made the same choice she did.

One incident changed the road I took in my life. One incident changed the road that my classmate took as well.

I am sure everyone has had some point in their life where they had to make a choice that would impact the rest of their life. I hope that when that day comes for my daughter, she will choose the right path just as I did.

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