Week Sixteen: Best of both worlds

Mayne Island and my daughter! What more could I have asked for. The weather was phenomenal and my daughter joined me in my love of photography so it was pretty amazing.

20140716-_MG_6713 20140716-_MG_6718 20140716-_MG_6748 20140716-_MG_6757 20140716-_MG_6764 20140716-_MG_6788 20140716-_MG_6801 20140716-_MG_6840 20140716-_MG_6849 20140718-_MG_6901 20140718-_MG_6907 20140718-_MG_6911 20140718-_MG_6929 20140718-_MG_6933 20140718-_MG_6941 20140718-_MG_6943 20140718-_MG_6950 20140718-_MG_6970 20140718-_MG_6976



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